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Omni Motif Studio’s is a digital media company that specializes in WordPress “front end” development and “back end” site management. As a GoDaddy Pro member we work closely with your hosting company to ensure that your site is not only designed to current mobile/responsive design standards but also ensure the best possible security, SEO, and optimal uptime as possible. Not on GoDaddy hosting? Not a WordPress user? No problem we have experience working with many other hosting companies as well as in house hosting using modern SQL back end content management and static web sites.

In addition to WordPress and MySQL, we use a plethora of development tools and techniques in our site development. We are constantly reviewing and updating our workflow to keep up with developing application and web standards. We develop, test and prototype on a number of platforms and allow our customers to work closely with us on live test sites that emulate real world environments. See below for links to our Tool sets and development processes.


Front End Design

Click the icon above to check out our front end layout, design, and typography service along with pricing.

Back End Management

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Persistent Maintenance

Our service do not end with the deployment of a finished site. Click on the icon above to see about our ongoing persistence maintenance services.

Front End Development

Your website is the biggest piece of branding your business will ever do and the goal here is to get visitors to your site to remain focused on the goods and services you offer and get them to buy them. With this goal in mind we take painstaking measures to get your site to focus on you and your business. Most sites today are target mobile devices first but still maintain the ability to look as clean and professional on the big screen as well. We pride ourselves on being a truly mobile first design shop and tailor your site directly to your company’s target audience.

We offer competitive pricing and ongoing maintenance contracts to keep your site looking its best and performing as it should. With 99.9% up time and headache free for you.

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Back End Management

If your site is running on a CMS like WordPress or some other popular CMS you may not have to knowledge or time to learn how to install, configure, or manage the software. We offer this service as part of the development process and the persistent maintenance contract. Our focus here is developing a dynamic site that is responsive, mobile, and modern. Learning and managing code, databases, and hosting configurations is what we live for.

Hate dealing with your hosting company, let us handle that for you. We speak geek and can handle any issues invovleing your hosting company’s technical support.

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Why do you want a maintenance contract with us? Simply put, you need to add content over time, make a change to your site. The back end database and CMS need to be updated constantly, there is the issue of security and your peace of mind. Out maintenance contract is a $50 a month retainer fee and that guarantees your site is up and running at all times. Included in this fee are any upgrades to your software, hosting issues and that nagging need to deal with your hosting company’s technical support. Sit back and relax knowing that you are in good hands and that your site is up. We want you to focus on the job of running your business and not have to worry about what is going on online.

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How it’s all done!


Click the icon above to visit our “tools” page for a list and description of our favorite tools and utilities and brief summary of why we chose these tools over others.

Design Process

Click the icon above to see a blog page with articles and links about our design process that we use in designing our site. In addition to these articles you will find links to other resources related to our work.